Hire a business coach

Once you have decided that you want / need a business coach, you need to choose the right one. I mentioned before that you need a coach with the heart of a teacher, one that puts your success in first priority.

You also need to ensure that the coach has the experience and understanding to interpret financial statements and to explain them in terms you will understand.

Your coach must be patient. We don’t always understand something the first time we’re exposed to it. Your coach must be willing to repeat their lessons and approach them from a slightly different angle until the knowledge finally integrates for you.

Whomever you hire, make sure it is someone you trust. If you don’t have full confidence in them, you will have a hard time making yourself follow through with their advice. If you’re going to go through the motions of hiring a coach and getting advice, make sure you are willing to make any suggested changes.

Hire a business coach

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