Great CPA

This is the second in a “Great” series.

What makes a great CPA?

First, understand that a CPA is more than an accountant. There is some confusion among business owners between an enrolled agent, an accountant, and a CPA. Anyone can call themselves an accountant and an enrolled agent is either a former IRS agent, or someone who has passed an IRS exam. A CPA on the other hand must earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, pass a rigorous four part exam and participate in continuing education to ensure that they stay current as the tax and business laws evolve.

A great CPA must be reachable. They are no good to you if you can’t talk to them.

A great CPA is thorough. They must be able to catch any deduction you are due and to submit each form and document as required by the IRS.

A great CPA understands and uses modern technology.

Perhaps the easiest to overlook, but a prominent factor is the CPA’s “soft skills”. When you speak to the CPA, can you understand them? Are you comfortable sharing the innermost details of your business with them?

You need a CPA who is focused on your success and who is willing and able to talk to you personally to help you make your company profitable, helping to strive toward your goals.

I wrote a more detailed version of this on another website. Check it out if you’d like:
Trusted CPA

Great CPA

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